Call for Presenters
We invite you to be a presenter at the Fall Technical Assistance! This is the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge and passion with your early learning and care community. Help us support the leaders of our field with high quality professional development opportunities! We know the only way to succeed at this vital work is with the support of people who are willing to share their gift of knowledge and experience. We truly hope you decide to submit your idea for a workshop proposal and support others who are passionately committed to growing their professional capacity to serving families.
The Fall TA is designed to support Early Learning and Care Leaders across the state, topics of particular interest would include (but definitely not limited to!):
  • Leadership in early learning
  • Operating and managing state funded ECE programs
  • Advocating for our families and youngest learners
  • Operating community based organizations
  • Supporting infant/toddler learning
  • Engaging families and communities through early learning
  • Successfully enrolling families in care
  • Operating Family Child Care Home Education Networks
  • Earning your state funded contracts
  • Supporting at-risk populations through ECE
  • Preparing for school readiness
  • Promoting your program to meet your mission goals
  • Supporting and growing inclusion programs
  • Guiding our children through trauma informed care
  • and so much more!
Deadline for Submissions is June 19, 2020